About me

Hello, I am Maja.

What is perhaps easy to recognize by my name: I love the sea and that’s why I live in the beautiful north, more precisely in Schleswig-Holstein between the Baltic and the North Sea.

I have completed my training as a medical-technical radiology assistant, or MTRA for short, and have also enjoyed working in this profession. However, there was always something missing for me. I was looking for freedom and adventure to break out of my rather boring life. And because I have always been a very open person and generally dealt with the topic of sex very openly, the erotic industry came to mind pretty quickly. So one thing led to another and now I’m here! I can’t imagine anything else at the moment – because I love it! Now I can live out my creative side, I am my own boss and above all I can live out sexually the way I like it. I feel freer than ever before, now I can work when and from where I want.

For this reason, and because I love to travel, I own a converted camper with which I travel the world with my two dogs. My dream is to see a lot of the world, to meet many beautiful places and great people. I am a cosmopolitan person, always try to respect all people and animals as they are, because tolerance is very important in my life. In addition, I like to be in nature and read books for my life. Nothing brings me so quickly out of the frame because I am a real cheerful nature and always in a good mood!

So now but first enough written. Just get to know me in the chat or in front of the webcam – I look forward to getting to know you!

Kisses, your Maja :*

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions to Maja Meer

Schon mit 18 Jahren hatte ich großes Interesse an der Erotikbranche, habe mich zuvor aber noch nicht wirklich getraut, da ich in meinem Umfeld doch immer eher das schüchterne und unschuldige Mädchen war. Das Interesse wurde allerdings immer größer und es war eigentlich nur eine Frage der Zeit bis ich meine Neugier auf diese Branche stillen muss. Im August 2019 habe ich dann endlich diesen großen und auch riskanten Schritt gewagt und habe mich auf der ersten Seite angemeldet. Anfangs war ich etwas zögerlich und fragte mich ob das wirklich eine gute Idee war. Aber JA! Es war definitiv die richtige Entscheidung und bis heute bereue ich sie nicht.
That depends on what exactly I’m shooting. Mostly I think in advance what I feel like, how I can best implement it and what or who I need for it. Of course, I also look at other videos from other girls to get inspired. But there have also been videos that I have shot very spontaneously. Camera and go! These are then also usually the most authentic and “honest” videos from me.
Again, it depends on what kind of video I’m shooting. On average, it’s usually about 2-3 hours, with preparation and post-processing time. The shoot itself usually takes no longer than 40 minutes. Now and then a few scenes have to be repeated but usually I just try to take it as it comes – so very real and authentic! Editing the video, writing the appropriate text for it and then uploading the video to the various sites takes the most time for me.

Hihi definitely YES! Although I also have many fantasies in my head that I can “play” while I masturbate but I also like visual stimuli.

I think in bed there is no “right” or “wrong”. We humans are so versatile and so are the preferences of women and men. What I find particularly important and I can also advise everyone, not only the men: Communication is the be-all and end-all! Talk to your sex partner and especially without shame. What are you into? What do you want to try? What are your NoGos? Dare to honestly say what exactly you want!

With the shooting of my films I can not only live out my sexuality and my fantasies freely, but also give free rein to my creativity, and incidentally earn a living with the most beautiful pastime in the world. For me personally, a job can not be better!

Wie in der ersten Frage schon geschrieben, ist meine Mutter sehr konservativ und daher habe ich es ihr erstmal noch nicht gesagt weil ich mich nicht getraut habe. Meinen beiden Schwestern habe ich es zum Beginn schon erzählt – beide waren total interessiert, haben Fragen darüber gestellt und fanden es gut, dass ich das mache was mir Spaß macht. Sie akzeptierten es sofort. Vor einigen Wochen habe ich mich dann auch getraut es meiner Mutter zu sagen, da ich mittlerweile total dahinter stehe und mir war es dann auch ehrlich gesagt egal was sie dazu sagt und denkt. Sie war erst total geschockt und musste es erstmal sacken lassen aber nach ein paar Tagen sagte sie mir schon, dass sie mich so akzeptiert wie ich bin und wenn das nun zu meinem Leben dazu gehört, dann ist das für sie auch in Ordnung.

To be honest, I like to shoot almost all scenes, always what I feel like doing. I always collect ideas beforehand and then when I want to shoot a new film, I look at my list of ideas and spontaneously decide what I feel most like doing. But I also love to make videos that my fans want me to make according to their personal ideas, because they are often very great and individual ideas that I wouldn’t have thought of myself.

Every job that exists in a society (and porn actress is definitely one of them) is important. If a job is not important for a society, it simply does not exist!